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One of TLCA's newest club is the Toyota Trail Riders (TTR) located in Dallas , Texas . This Chapter is unique in that it was formed with 12 members, none of whom own a Land Cruiser! In accordance with TLCA's by-laws, this club was formed entirely of Toyota 4-wheel drives enthusiasts…. Tacoma's, 4Runners & pickups! TLCA has sought the inclusion of all Toyota four-wheelers, as demonstrated by the expansion of coverage in the Toyota Trails Magazine.

Toyota Trail Riders came to being with a core of members of Texas TTORA, the State Chapter of the Toyota Territory Off-Roaders Association. The Texas TTORA meeting was the same night as the Lone Star Land Cruisers (LSLC), and a natural friendship formed between the clubs. Both groups wheeled together frequently, and even jointly participated in a NASCAR Truck Show held at Toyota of Dallas in June of 2004.

Eventually most TTORA members where offered membership in LSLC, but after conferring with the leaders of the LSLC, and with the guidance of Nick Stone, the idea came to display TLCA's commitment to expanding its membership base by forming a Chapter of all Toyota four-wheel drives.
Monthly Meetings
Location: Pappa's BBQ
Date: 2nd Thursday of Every Month
Time: 7:30 PM

Pappas BBQ is located at 2231 West Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75220-4304 See map